The ten - Season 3

Funked Up Foil Technique
7:01 Mins - In this video, Liz Cordis shows us a twist on a classic foil application by root melting and hand painting the ends between each foil while purposefully utilizing negative space.
Everything but the Kitchen Sink
6:41 Mins - In this video, Diana Giannini shows us a thrifty way to mix up a muted rainbow palette to create a prismatic blonde, using everything but the kitchen sink.
Iridescent Halo Technique
9:30 Mins - In this video, Erin Hriczak shows us her iridescent halo technique using 3 colors to create 6, giving a full spectrum rainbow. Application is done with sponges to create a super soft blend, resulting in a wearable look for any client.
Stacked Horshoe Technique
4:51 Mins - In this video, Courtney Gann shows us how to create veils of color throughout the hair by utilizing horseshoe-shaped sections.
Rainbow Blocking Technique
7:47 Mins - In this Video, Kristi Day shows us a rainbow blocking technique and how to maximize content with multiple styles and just one model. 
Hidden Gem Technique
2:38 Mins - In this video, Kimberly Ibbotson shows us a hidden gem technique, a more conventional way to give your client an unconventional color.
Rainbow Highlighting Technique
4:32 Mins - In this video, Savannah Laney shows us how to create beautiful dimension using her rainbow highlighting technique.
Flip It and Reverse It Technique
3:00 Mins - In this video, Kate MacFarlane shows us her Flip It and Reverse It technique.

The ten - Season 2

Pastel Prisms
7:41 Mins - In this video, Kelly O'Leary will teach you how to formulate, paint, and maintain perfect pastel prisms.
Flawless Shineline
10:24 Mins - In this video, Stephanie Lawrence will teach how to create a seamless, consistent shineline around a complete canvas.
Reverse Rainbow Pinwheel
9:59 Mins - In this video, Kat Collett will teach how to section and formulate for a pastelized neon pinwheel.
Holographic Color Melt
9:35 Mins - In this video, Amanda Harsche will teach how to create a brick-layed holographic melt shining through a perfect grey canvas.
Flower Petal Placement
10:10 Mins - In this video, Ruby Devine will use unique color shifting methods to prep a colored canvas for the Flower Petal Placement
The Bubble Technique
9:43 Mins - In this video, Sam Daly teaches The Bubble Technique, co-created with @hairbykaseyoh, to deliver a fast-application, holographic pastel.

The ten - Season 1

I Want to Be #blondeAF
9:44 Mins - In this video, Ryan Weeden (the founder of Masters of Balayage), will teach you the essential blonding techniques you need to know in order to make your clients #blondeAF.
I Want Criss-Cross Color
8:51 Mins - In this video, Ash Fortis will teach you the techniques and tips for creating cross color melts for your clients.
I Want a Razor Bob
7:19 Mins - In this video, Doug Theoharis will teach you the the basics of using an unguarded razor and a modern version of a classic cut - the razor bob.
I Want Metallic Colors
7:40 Mins - In this video, Kristina Dunn will teach you about preparing the canvas with toners and using her cat-eye technique for metallic colors.
From Balayage to Creatives
10:06 Mins - In this video, Alexis Thurston will teach you how to balayage and transition to creative color for your every day client.
A Shag with a Fringe
9:44 Mins - In this video, Michael Levine will teach you a step-by-step for a lived in shag with a heavy fringe.
Perfecting the Imperfect Canvas
7:47 Mins - In this video, Shurie will teach you how to use color theory and placement to transform the imperfect canvas.
Smoking Rainbows
7:53 Mins - In this video, Kasey O'hara will teach you how to formulate & apply the smoky rainbow.
Painting with Clay Lightener
15:30 Mins - In this video, Jay Olson will teach you how to use clay lightener for two techniques: balayage and hair painting.


Introducing Bloodshot with @locksbylauryn
0:43 - Watch @locksbylauryn add tons of dimension with pops of Bloodshot - a new semi-permanent shade from the Shadow Collection.
Rainbow Babylights
6:15 Mins - In this video, @hairbykaseyoh shows us how to create a beautiful holographic rainbow using her Rainbow Babylights technique.
NeoPop Color Melt
1:16 Mins - In this video, @hairby_candace shows us a three color melt using the new NeoPop collection.
Halo Prism Technique
3:01 Mins - In this video, @fabhairbyjosh teaches us his Halo Prism technique.
Pastel Underlights
2:28 Mins - In this video, @jessicapowerspaints shows us a pastel underlights technique.
Collide-a-Color Technique
2:39 Mins - In this video, @thehairstylish shows us how she likes to customize her semis for her collide-a-color technique.
Tri-Me Technique
3:02 Mins - In this video, @bottleblonde76 shows off her Tri-Me technique to give achieve a fast, high-impact color.
Cascading Rainbow Technique
1:48 Mins - In this video, @giannadoll13 shows off a cascading rainbow technique, a mixture of the Bubble Technique and color blocking.
Rainbow Split with a Twist Technique
2:06 Mins - In this video, @electric.locks shows off her Rainbow Split with a Twist technique on her friend and fellow artist, @k.s.colors.
Traveling Rainbow Technique
2:01 Mins - In this video, @alien_hair_magic shows us her Traveling Rainbow Technique using both FACTION8 and Semis.
Toning a Balayage with Ghostblood
1:14 Mins - In this video, @thejesjewel shows us how she uses the new Ghostblood semi-permanent toner to refresh her client's balayaged blonde.


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