The Basics

The Inspiration
3:03 Mins - Recipe Cards and Creative Demi Mixing
The Colors
5:13 Mins - Color Fundamentals, Color Families, and the Liquid Demi Color Chart.
The Basics
4:52 Mins - How It Works and Why It’s Better for Today’s Artists.


Level 10 Highlights Refresh
1:29 Mins - In this video, @locksbylauryn shows us why the new Level 10 Liquid Demis are her go to for everyday blonde refreshes.
Everyday Blonde Highlights
2:13 Mins - In this video, @coryhoffmanhair shows us her everyday blonde highlight using the new Level 10 Liquid Demis.
Custom Demis Formulas
1:56 Mins - In this video, @thejesjewel breaks down three of her favorite Liquid Demi recipes.
Shattered Dip Dye
1:48 Mins - In this video, @butterflyloftsalon stylist @hilaryphillipshair uses the new Liquid Demi Level 10s to give her client a bright base for a shattered dip-dye technique.


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