The Basics

The Details
8:01 Mins - What is FACTION8, How It Works, and Why It’s Better for Today’s Artists.
The Colors
5:25 Mins - Color Fundamentals, Color Families, and the FACTION8 Color Chart.
The Inspiration
4:08 Mins - Recipe Cards, Creative Permanent Mixing, and The Limited Edition INFINITY BOX.
Grey Coverage
2:53 Mins - Everything you need to know to get started using FACTION8 on your grey coverage clients.

Advanced Color Theory

Bolds with Boosters
6:24 Mins - @katkolors teaches an in-depth focus on creating vibrant, creative colors using FACTION8 Boosters.
Softening Unwanted Tones
8:29 Mins - @alexisbutterflyloft teaches about using FACTION8 Permanents to cancel or encourage any tone you're after.
Creating Demis & Toners
6:29 Mins - @doug_theo teaches how to create an entire demi and toning line using the same 80 permanent FACTION8 shades.
Using High Lifts
5:22 - @hairbykaseyoh teaches how to break all the rules (no surprise there) to make the most out of FACTION8 High Lifts.
Creating Beautiful Silvers & Greys
3:57 Mins - @mandaharsche breaks down creating the ever-challenging grey tones.
Advanced Block Color Techniques
7:32 Mins - @hairbykristinamarie teaches block sectioning techniques for creative placement of FACTION8 Permanent Color.
Using Underutilized Tones
5:22 Mins - @jaywesleyolson walks us through the color families that are often the most useful, yet least utilized.
Main Street Blonde with Base Shift
5:12 Mins - @joseph_cuozzo shows us an everyday highlighting technique. Then he shifts the base using FACTION8, leaving us with a beautiful, soft, natural blonde.
11:34 Mins - @shear_envytupelo shows us her Featherlight technique, a backgammon sectioning technique blends soft highlights into the natural shadow area without excess teasing.
Deep Silvers
6:49 Mins - @taranicolestylez shows us how to get the most out of the FACTION8 Ash series to create beautiful deep silvers.
Pivotal Pie Paint
7:44 Mins - @bangbangbalayage shows us a pie shaped sectioning technique that delivers a high impact result perfect for any color service.
Smoked-Out Zig-Zag Technique
4:21 Mins - @giannadoll13 takes us back to the '90s with her smoked out zig-zag technique using FACTION8 Boosters.
The Interstellar Collection
2:32 Mins - @doug_theo gives you all the information you need to start creating with the new Interstellar Collection.
Full Circle
4:16 Mins - In this episode, @k.s.colors shows us a beautiful dimensional placement technique using FACTION8 that sets you and your client up for easier touchups.
Spicing Up Your Everyday Client
5:33 Mins - In this video, @danalynnhair shows us a beautiful tone-on-tone look with dimension for your everyday clients.

extended edu

Low Maintenance Lightening
1:48 Mins - In this video, shares a few easy to use lightening techniques for a low-maintenance sun-kissed look using the FACTION8 High Lifts.
Not So Basic Colormelt
1:48 Mins - In this video, @stevi.couragehair gives us some quick tips and tricks on using FACTION8, #blondeAF, and Clay Lightener for a subtle, low-maintenance look.
Modern Chunky Highlights
4:43 Mins - In this video, @michaellevinehair shares some of his favorite tips and tricks to stay on schedule throughout the day. Along the way, he shows us how to do a vertical concave layered haircut and then a modern textured chunky highlight.
Mixup Mashup with FACTION8 Boosters and High Speed Toners
3:21 Mins - In this video, @dropdeadkristi goes into depth on how to mix the Pulp Riot High Speed Toners and the FACTION8 Boosters to achieve a beautiful result.
Saving Time on a Global Root Lightening
3:12 Mins - In this video, @xostylistxo gives some of her favorite lightening tips using #blondeAF and FACTION8 High Lifts to save time behind the chair.
Curtain Technique
1:39 Mins - In this video, @hairrockerbet shows off her Curtain Technique, a hidden rainbow technique using FACTION8.
Dimensional Color Placement
2:12 Mins - In this video, @rubydevine talks us through refreshing a grown-out balayage with a dimensional color placement using Clay Lightener, FACTION8, and Liquid Demis.


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