Balayage & Roots at Once
7:17 Mins - In this video, @christopher.wayne.hair walks us through a one process balayage with a root touchup, all in one step.
The Platinum Card
9:49 Mins - In this video, @thejesjewel teaches the double process platinum card for your clients looking for that all over blonde with a perfectly consistent canvas.
9:06 Mins - In this video, @malloryje teaches us a babylight technique with bold, bright face-framing pieces for a perfect, sun-kissed blonde.
Cushioned Foiling
8:37 Mins - In this video, @jaywesleyolson shows us a versatile cushioned foiling technique that you can use everyday behind the chair.
Perfecting the Power Piece
9:04 Mins - In this video, @rubydevine shows us how to perfect that power piece while also sharing useful tips while doing dimensional highlights and balayage.
One Process Reset with Blank Canvas & #blondeAF
5:03 Mins - In this video, @hairbykaseyoh teaches us how to reset your client’s canvas using #blondeAF and Blank Canvas in one process.
Intro to Cream Bleach
1:32 Mins - In this video, Butterfly Loft Stylist and Pulp Riot Product Creator @vanessashairaddiction gives you all the info you need to get started with our new Cream Bleach.
Cream Bleach Root Touchup
2:14 Mins - In this video, @tiffanydidit shows us why she loves using the Cream Bleach for her root touchups.
Cream Bleach Foilage
2:54 Mins - In this video, @locksbylauryn shows us why she loves using Cream Bleach to foilage. Then, she uses the Fantasy Collection to create a beautiful dimensional colormelt.
Cream Bleach Global Lightening
2:32 Mins - In this video, @vanessashairaddiction shows us why Cream Bleach is her go-to lightener for global lightening.
Cream Bleach and Blank Canvas Refresh
1:51 Mins - In this rainbow-filled video, @butterflyloftsalon stylist @maggieelisabethh shows us how she uses Cream Bleach to touch up the roots, then pulls through with Blank Canvas to prep her client for a rainbow refresh.
On-Scalp Global Lightening
1:38 Mins - In this video, @christopher.wayne.hair shows us how to use Cream Bleach to prep his client’s canvas for a split color with animal prints.
Inverted Money Piece
1:53 Mins - In this video, @butterflyloftsalon stylist @chrissiearia shows us an inverted money piece technique using Cream Bleach.
Cream Bleach Refresh
1:43 Mins - In this video, @hannahdisconnected uses Cream Bleach and FACTION8 to refresh her client and give her a soft, pastel look.
Hidden Sunsets
2:18 Mins - In this video, @hairbykristinamarie shows us how she preps her client’s canvas with Cream Bleach for a perfect hidden sunset semis technique.


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